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Cutting bridges crossing the crane hanging overhead rotor United Nations

Kuwait October 23, 2013

Announced the development project by Jahra today on the progress of the business has reached completion rate to 43.8%, while for the most prominent developments in a series of acts of project construction and transport facilities have begun parameters of the bridge become clearer day after day have crossed the cut bridge crane upper rotor UN, as well as the the completion of the installation of 590-piece bridge. 
And the work of the project includes the construction of structural components of bridges and including piling and excavation works and the rules and columns and also produce cutting bridges in precast yard casting plant stress and foremost area of Doha. The project includes the addition to the work of bridges and utilities diversion works road works. 
In a statement to the deputy project engineer, architect Hanan Mahdi Hussein, said: \"The development of Jahra Road one of the largest infrastructure projects and roads multiple roles in the world and upon which the Ministry of Public Works in Kuwait contracted in turn with a coalition of the Louis Berger International in cooperation with the Bureau Arab Consulting Engineers is determined as a consultant for the project, in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Arab Contractors - Osman Ahmed Osman as a contractor and port project. 
She Hussein that work is continuing in all phases of the project steps advanced thanks to the use of modern technologies and that is the winch commentator, which weighs 560 tons and a length of 140 meters and is capable of carrying a spare bridge weighing up 85 tons, which is lifted and installed by system cantilevers balanced a installation of modern systems used globally. Today being Bonchen commentators and the third will be installed at the beginning of 2014. 
   And in the context of the construction works have been installed 590 pieces were distributed in the following form, it has been the installation of 222-piece upper bridge of the main road from the beginning of the bridge area between Granada and Andalusia and even the United Nations over the roundabout, and 42 pieces in the area of ??Granada have also been completed installation of 326 other pieces in different areas. 
As has been the completion of 80% of the piles and 61% of the rules of the column and pour 51% of the columns of concrete and the completion of 15% of the units of the main pillars of the bridges at all stages of the project, as was the production of 1637 pieces of bridges weighing between 58 tons to 120 homeland and manufactured in the casting yard in the Doha area has been allocated for the production of parts for the project on an area of ??150,000 square meters. 
As for road works and transport facilities, has been open 23 Ext traffic in all phases of the project in order to complete the construction and completion of the required 63% of the electricity lines, cables, and 49.5% of the telephone lines, and 72% of the water lines, and 14% of the rain sewer lines, and 29% of the sewer lines. 
And praised Vice Muhannad Q project to achieve the project eight million man-hours and five hundred thousand hours without injuries serious, thanks to the attention it gives the project workers and securing them with all the necessary action to protect them from injuries in addition to giving them lectures on a regular basis to be trained in ways of prevention and how to act in the arena of work in order to protect them.