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The Ministry of Public Works announces opening of the Second Ring Road roundabout on the Jahra Road Development Project

Kuwait, 01 October 2015: The Ministry of Public Works announced today that the roundabout bridge at the junction of the Jahra Road Development Project’s mainline and the Second Ring Road will be opened early Saturday morning. This opening is of particular importance as it allows for work on the trough, under this particular roundabout, to progress on one of Kuwait’s key strategic infrastructural projects. Engineer Ahmad Al-Hassan, the Assistant Undersecretary for Road Engineering Affairs at the Ministry of Public Works, commented: “The opening of this roundabout coincides with a detour planned for this stage of the project, allowing for completion of the trough works, as well as service and main roads at the junction of Jahra mainline and the Second Ring Road. Construction of a one way ramp, in that location, will also be completed, allowing drivers to join from the Second Ring Road and onto the Jahra mainline, heading towards Jahra.” “This opening is vital to the project as we can now begin to expedite work on the trough. Partial digging and foundation work, including setting up the parts of the trough walls, have already started, and we can now move forward with the next stages of construction. With every step forward, we are seeing greater progress on the project. In January of this year, we opened two fly-overs over the UN roundabout, connecting the Fourth Ring Road with the Jahra Road and vice-versa, we are also looking forward to more openings towards the end of this year and the beginning of next year,” added Yasser Boudastour, Project Engineer at the Jahra Road Development Project. The detour was opened in coordination with the General Directorate of Traffic. Following the site inspection and ensuring the necessary traffic safety conditions were met, permits for the opening of the detour were issued. The Ministry of Public Works requests all drivers to comply with traffic safety rules and follow the designated detour speed limits, to ensure minimum disruption, and maximum safety, during the construction work. This mega project involves the construction of 17.7 km of viaducts (7.3 km of mainline Jahra Road, 2.4 km of bridges on linked roads and 8.0 km of ramps), including a trough at the 2nd Ring Road intersection, and 10 pedestrian bridges. The at-grade road works include 3.4 km of mainline Jahra Road, connecting roads and 15 km of service roads. The Jahra Road project also includes major utility relocation and works, such as 3.5 km of storm water box culverts, 33 km of water lines, 8.0 km of sanitary sewer, 51 km of electric cables, and 12 km of communication ducts. End