Jahra Road Project mpc
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Boodstor: a large roundabout. Replace the intersection with Muhammad ibn al-Qasim Al-Jahra

Kuwait - September 4, 2012

Announced the supervising development project Jahra Road, infrastructure project the largest in Kuwait and one of the largest projects of the world in ways multiple roles, for replacement traffic signal intersection of Avenue Mohamed Ibn al-Qasim with the Jahra Road dizzy length of 300 meters and, according to the work of temporary transfers on Jahra Road in order to completion of construction operations for the project, which includes rules for bridges and columns on this site from the road. 

Eng Yasser Boodstor, engineer development project Jahra Road that transform the intersection of Muhammad ibn al-Qasim with the Jahra roundabout came into the work of temporary transfers to the path of Jahra Road and to provide space for the establishment of bridges within the area of ??the rotor and to facilitate the movement of traffic in that region note that these shunt traffic is a length of approximately 300 meters and include dizziness and fall within the third phase of the project. 

In a statement from the engineer Boodstor which he said: \\\"I\\\'ve been taking the approval of the General Directorate of Traffic and everyone concerned to keep the traffic without being affected by the construction works where he remains the path of Jahra Road in both directions in front of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Education, as well as traffic Street Ibn al-Qasim in both directions The adoption and implementation of the roundabout substitute for current traffic signal. 
He pointed out that the project engineer to project needs large work spaces for the development of the road construction work and the transfer of services and facilities to the list, the primary objective of the remittances is redirecting traffic to create these spaces that will be within the execution of the bridges and utilities. 
 "Our apology for Jahra road users for any inconvenience this may cause a result of these transfers, and wished attention through leadership and commitment to the guidance of traffic and not to skip the speed limits set forth in the work areas and to preserve the integrity and safety of workers on the project." 

It is worth recalling that the development project Jahra Road is considered one of the total plan Alastairatejah developed by the Ministry of ignition public in the State of Kuwait public contract with a coalition of the Louis Berger International in cooperation with the Arab Office for Engineering Consultancy as a is determined consultant for the project, and the contract with the company Arab Contractors - Osman Ahmed Osman contractor The port project.