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Avenue Mohamed Ibn Qasim place new shunt traffic in Jahra Road Development Project

Kuwait 7-5-2012

In a series of conversions carried out by the supervisor of the Jahra Road Development Project, the largest road projects in Kuwait, was the opening of the new shunt traffic signal which starts from Muhammad ibn al-Qasim Street heading from Kuwait City to the area of ??Jahra to signal bigeye column with paging signal bigeye from the road the main alternative to the road. 

In this context, he said, the project engineer Yasser Boodstor: \"He has been taking the approval of the General Directorate of Traffic, the opening of Shunt new (R22) for the project length of 1 km and that starts from the intersection of Avenue Mohammed bin Qasim with the Jahra Road extended even to reach the referring Street intersection bigeye . as the shunt will converge with previous shunt R7) (extending from the hospitals to the roundabout by the United Nations. 
   He also added Boodstor Engineer: \"It will be deported bigeye signal from the main road to the path of shunt, and therefore the consequent close by bigeye during work on the siding for a period of three to four hours, and Natdhiran delay or disrupt traffic may cause a result of this shutdown.\" 
And Eng Boodstor get all the approvals from the Ministry of Health and the General Administration of passage to be a path transfers a reality in the courtyard of the Ministry of Health with a commitment to preserve the exits and entrances ways existing hospitals and the lack of impact of these transfers on traffic, ambulances and patient transport and auditors. \"
  The project engineer to work the large spaces required by the development of the road construction work and the transfer of services and facilities to the list, the primary objective of the remittances is redirecting traffic to create these spaces, which will be the establishment of bridges and the establishment of highways. 
And went consultant safety in the project to apologize to users of Jahra Road for any inconvenience caused as a result of these transfers, and wished attention through leadership and commitment to the guidance of traffic and not to skip the speed limits set forth in the work areas and to preserve the integrity and safety of workers on the project. \"