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Jahra Road Development Project opens its doors to students

The Jahra Road Development Project opens its doors to students


Kuwait 2012


“12 April 2005,” this date was conceptualization of the largest infrastructure and elevated road project in the world. In 2012, following some obstructions that affected the project start date, actual work commenced on the project.


Since the project has commenced, there has been a large focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, which is undertaken through community initiatives by the project. One such initiative has been the internship program with ACK, which involves fieldwork as well workshops, lectures, and first-hand experience. The interns have also been given the opportunity to gain knowledge from experienced project engineers and explore new techniques.


The key areas of the project which the interns have received exposure to include the construction of bridges, road works, transference of road services, and project management in general. The internship has been supervised by engineers from the Jahra Road Development Project. Following eight weeks of hard work and commitment, the students received certificates for the completion of the internship program.