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New traffic detour on Aug - 09 - 2011

Kuwait, August 9, 2011


The supervising authority in charge of the Jahra Road Development Project today announced the opening of a new detour that will alter the path of all traffic occupying the intersection of both sides of the 4th Ring Road with The United Nations Roundabout.


Eng. Abdullatif Shamsah, Project Manager said: “On 9th of August 2011, we will be commencing the second traffic detour in the Jahra Road Development Project that alters to the side of the 4th Ring Road traffic exit into the United Nations Roundabout and shifts the roundabout traffic entrance into the 4th ring a little further back. The total length of both detours is 1,495 meters”.


Elaborating further on the road works, Engineer Shamsah stated that the 4th ring road detour will include a new U-turn, which was requested by the traffic authority and will be located just before the roundabout, which will allow drivers to turn back on the 4th ring road from the roundabout heading to Salmiya.


Commenting on the main objectives of the detour, Eng. Shamsah said: “the main objective is to re-route the traffic around The United Nations Roundabout, while maintaining ease of traffic flow in order to commence the construction of bridges and the re-location of all utilities currently available for this road.”


Eng. Shamsah also stated that similar to the main roads, the detours will have the same services and utilities such as light poles, and pedestrian crossing and will maintain the same distance across, comprising three lanes.


“This detour will be utilized throughout the duration of the project. We would like to extend our apologies to all those who use the 4th Ring Road for any inconvenience this detour may cause, though we affirm that the final results of this effort will be well worth the sacrifices” he added.


In a message to Jahra Road users, Engineer Alfred Lotfy, Project Safety Consultant said: “We call on all those drivers to abide by all traffic guidelines and use caution while driving within the construction area. Drivers must adhere to speed limits clearly designated throughout the detours for their safety and for the safety of others and those workers working on the project.”