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The Jahra Road Development Project reaches 45.7% completion

Kuwait: 27 November 2013   The Ministry of Public Works announced today that significant progress has been made on the Jahra Road Development Project, and it has now reached 45.7% completion.   Yasser Boudastour, Project Engineer at the Jahra Road Development Project, commented: “The Jahra Road Development Project represents one of the key solutions for the traffic congestion problems in Kuwait.”   Boudastour added, “A total of 862 segments have,...

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Cutting bridges crossing the crane hanging overhead rotor United Nations

Kuwait October 23, 2013 Announced the development project by Jahra today on the progress of the business has reached completion rate to 43.8%, while for the most prominent developments in a series of acts of project construction and transport facilities have begun parameters of the bridge become clearer day after day have crossed the cut bridge crane upper rotor UN, as well as the the completion of the installation of 590-piece bridge.  And the work of the project includes the construct,...

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Boodstor: Ex-traffic a new dawn on Tuesday

Kuwait 09/22/2013 In a series of traffic diversions carried out by the supervisor of the project to develop Jahra Road, the largest infrastructure projects in Kuwait, Ext traffic produce new will be inaugurated after the roundabout UN towards Al-Jahra City in the area of ??Granada length of 450 meters within the second phase of the project and it dawn on Tuesday 24 Seetmbr 2013.    In this context, the project engineer said Yasser Boodstor, The Shunt Almruroah aims to complete the ,...

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