Jahra Road Project mpc
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Boodstor: a large roundabout. Replace the intersection with Muhammad ibn al-Qasim Al-Jahra

Kuwait - September 4, 2012   Announced the supervising development project Jahra Road, infrastructure project the largest in Kuwait and one of the largest projects of the world in ways multiple roles, for replacement traffic signal intersection of Avenue Mohamed Ibn al-Qasim with the Jahra Road dizzy length of 300 meters and, according to the work of temporary transfers on Jahra Road in order to completion of construction operations for the project, which includes rules for bridges and ,...

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Avenue Mohamed Ibn Qasim place new shunt traffic in Jahra Road Development Project

Kuwait 7-5-2012   In a series of conversions carried out by the supervisor of the Jahra Road Development Project, the largest road projects in Kuwait, was the opening of the new shunt traffic signal which starts from Muhammad ibn al-Qasim Street heading from Kuwait City to the area of ??Jahra to signal bigeye column with paging signal bigeye from the road the main alternative to the road.    In this context, he said, the project engineer Yasser Boodstor: \"He has be,...

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Jahra Road Development Project opens its doors to students

The Jahra Road Development Project opens its doors to students   Kuwait 2012   “12 April 2005,” this date was conceptualization of the largest infrastructure and elevated road project in the world. In 2012, following some obstructions that affected the project start date, actual work commenced on the project.   Since the project has commenced, there has been a large focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, which is undertaken through community init,...

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