Jahra Road Project mpc
Louis Berger pace

Phase 4 starts east of Ghazali bridge and ends after the crossing with Airport road. It consists of the units 23 to 28 of the main line, part of Airport road, and 3 ramps.

The ramps JRN is an off-ramp from the Jahra main line to the service roads.

The ramp JRM transfers the traffic from airport road to the Jahra main line in direction of Jahra.

The ramp ARA is an off-ramp from Airport road to its service roads. 

Actual work done in phase 4

Abutment 100%
Bridge piles 97%
Pile Caps 96%
Piers stem 95%
Piers crown 95%
Diaphragms 97%
Segment erection 88%