Jahra Road Project mpc
Louis Berger pace

Phase 2 is located at UN Roundabout and is the south western end of the project, towards the city of Jahra. 

The phase consists of 8 units, numbered 1 through 8 in Jahra Main Line, which includes 6 ramps and part of Hospital Road.

Ramps JRA and  JRB will allow transfers to the 4th Ring Road.The partial opening on this part of the project is 

expected soon, as segment erection of these ramps has been completed.

Ramps JRC and JRD will make connexions with the future Hospital Road. 

Ramps JRE and JRF are on and off ramps from the main line to the service roads.

Actual work done in phase 2 

Abutment 100%
Bridge piles 100%
Pile Caps 100%
Piers stem 100%
Piers crown 100%
Diaphragms 100%
Segment erection 100%