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Project Background 
The Jahra road in its original state has been one of the core transport routes running through the heart of Kuwait, and was witnessing exceedingly busy traffic lines with consistently rising numbers of users. The Ministry of Public Works has undertaken strategic plans to improve motorways and transport infrastructure in Kuwait, the Jahra Road Development Project is one key project which will transform the simple three lane road into a grand unified highway. 


The Ministry of Public Works (MPW) – Roads Engineering Department (Motorways) 

Project Designer and Supervision Team

Louis Berger Group, in collaboration with PACE, are the project designers and consultants.

Project Contractor 
Arab Contractors Company (ACC) - Othman Ahmed Othman.


Project location

The project is located in the western region of Kuwait, which extends from the Jahra Gate (Jahra Gate Roundabout – near Sheraton in Kuwait City) to the United Nations Roundabout in Granada.


Commencement Date

 The project was commenced on the 13th of September, 2010.


Key Executives

Engineer Yasser Boudastour (Project Engineer)

Ministry of Public Works


Engineer Sherif Sallam (Project Director)

Joint Venture LB/PACE


 Project objectives

  • Address the growing traffic problem in the state of Kuwait
  • Separate the through and local traffic 
  • Improve traffic safety
  • Reduce traffic congestion in key areas
  • Improve the level of service for road users by increasing total lanes from 6 to 12.


Elevated structures include

  • Total of 17.7 km of mainline viaduct including 7.3 km of mainline Jahra Road, 2.4 km link roads and 8 km of ramps, and 6.2km of depressed road
  • Setting up a fully utilized precast yard located in the Doha area occupying a total surface area of 150,000 square meters for the purpose of fabricating a total of 8,395 concrete precast pre-stressed bridge segments.


Relocation and refurbishment of services and utilities such as:

  • Water Lines 33 km 
  • Sewage system 8 km.
  • Electrical power cables 51 km
  • Telephone network 12 km
  • Irrigation and landscaping
  • Storm water drainage 3.5 km.


Project phases

  • Phase one:    Jahra Gate to Airport Road
  • Phase two:    United Nations Roundabout to Hospital Road (Al Sabah Medical District) 
  • Phase three: Hospital Road to Al Ghazali Road 
  • Phase four:   Ghazali Road to Airport Road
  • Phase five:    Al Ghazali Road Interchange 

Project cost: The value of contract is KD 264 million.



Our Executives



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